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An open letter- Matreshka

To the President of the Russian Federation Putin V.V.

-We need to meet,-the city dweller answers.
-F-----g  sh—t, the mayor of  Nabereshnye Chelny city about the “Impossibility of the meeting” ,
8th November, 2015 in Naberezhnye Chelny city administration building.

Dear Mr. Vladimir Putin!
Since the beginning of this year, being the deputy, I have been investigating  the case related to the law violation by the present Authorities of Naberezhnye Chelny  city: the mayor of the city Magdeev N.G. and the CEO of the Executive board  Abdullin R.A.
The analyses of  the chain of the events, the facts of the numerous  violations  of the major  law of the Russian Federation regularly  taking place and followed by the complete impunity, surprisingly for me lead to the conclusion of nonrandomness of the general situation, about the distinct  regularity of it and  artificial roots of the given system in our territory  with such a juridical anomaly, which is meanwhile being located in the unsteady balance. This is a real reason for addressing this letter to you, since I reckon it to be a true threaten to the safety of Russia. Let me depict the story gradually and single out the main resonant cases and offences for our city: the stated ones and those which haven’t been investigated yet. The whole analyses and version of the current events   will be presented.
1.     The CEO of  Naberezhnye Chelny Executive board  Abdullin R.A. ( further mentioned as Abdullin)  hasn’t given  the building permit to Akhmadiev R.   because of the ending  renting period  of the last and its withdrawal. The reason for  the   land withdrawal was connected with  the fact that  Abdullin’s friend   Radik Ravilov, who is actually  Rinat Akhmadiev’s  neighbor  urgently needed a space for parking,  to make his  skyscraper project get through the expertise. The whole campaign with the rejection of the building permit was interconnected with the disregarding of 3 court decisions and the city prosecution office configuration.   Your administration team has been engaged into this affair –the President  anticorruption bureau-  after my letter to the National anticorruption  committee. (Apl.1,2).  Fast reaction, men in black- as a result the permit was given  to a businessman  21st March ,which is actually  a year  after that.
   However the issue of  holding Abdullin responsible  for the offence was given to the local law-enforcement authorities and the city prosecution office. As a result he managed to skip the responsibility and the offence was requalified  as  an administrative, but not the personal one. It was conferred to the Executive board. The fine as little as 110 000 rubles  was due to be paid by the city administration and from the city budget. No personal responsibility followed. The Constitution of the Russian Federation is violated (section  6.2/ the concept  of equality in face of the law).
2.     Abdullin didn’t charge his friend Ravilov  ( see 1st past ) any renting fee for using the land  during  1,5 years   which is 15,7 mln. rubles. We can only imagine what the consequences will be if a usual city dweller hasn’t paid  his utility bills  for a couple of months  only as little as 15,7 rubles. Abdullin’s  friends don’t have to pay  15,7 mln rubles since there will be no consequences for  them as well as  for the person letting it slide. It was stated by  Naberezhnye Chelny  prosecution  office.
No personal responsibility followed. Constitution of the Russian Federation is violated, section 6.2/ the concept of  equality in face of the law/.
3.     Abdullin made a claim  9th March, let us say by compulsion of the given situation and as  result of  monitoring ( on behalf of Naberezhnye Chelny Executive board) to Ravilov R. in order  to follow formalities and allegedly attempting to recover 15,7 mln rubles into the budget. But he didn’t present the evidence of improper usage of the land by Ravilov to the court in the form of checking purchase results by  Tatarstan anticorruption committee . (Apl.3: photo, audio, receipt, which is proving an inappropriate usage of the land). Two trials have already been lost by the Executive committee. One more loss-and the city dwellers will never see these 15,7 mln. budget rubles .
No personal responsibility followed.

4. Abdullin is in charge of the state order distributing for the capital refurbishment of the accommodation among his close people: Ravilov R, Mingalimov M.,  Nikolaev O. and others without any competition held (or after the work has already been started) against the federal law. He is publicly humiliating the law, which provides an open procedure for it http://chelny-biz.ru/gov/156634/?sphrase_id=59870 and proves it in practice-capital refurbishment works 2017 are already being held. No competition was announced. It was announced by Tatarstan republic Federal Antimonopoly  committee . no personal responsibility followed. The Constitution of the Russian Federation is violated , section 6.2 /the concept of equality in face of the law/,section 4.2/about the supremacy  of the federal laws and the Constitution  in all the territory of Russia.
5. Following the subject of the  local  law-and-order bodies inaction I declare that the story, announced by me as a criminal conveyor-belt  has not been investigated thoroughly and in accordance with the presented cause –and-effect connection  between the problems an entrepreneur can have, a subsequent  payment  to the  fund-raising campaign  and a “chronological accidental coincidence”  of the legal solution of this problem  from the side of  Executive board. The sums, the payment drafts, firms and their histories are in Apl.4.
Personal responsibility of Abdullin hasn’t become due.

6. An absolutely striking thing happened sooner being a bright example of impunity, which eventually leads to permissiveness. Tkachev Alexander addressed to me, the owner of the land and an object of the unfinished construction, which is located in the Victory Park of our city. The entrepreneur hasn’t  managed to get an architectural plan  of the city to project and build center for kids. Instead of this he and the other strangers who were passing by that moment witnessed the dismantlement of the fence from his territory, which was performed by the direct order of Abdullin.  Tkachev applied to the local police department  in order to begin criminal proceeding on trespassing and damaging the property.  However he got rejected (Apl.5) and some time later all the trees in his land were cut down, later the pavement appeared there. Now there is a trading stall of “Slavitsa” company (which was announced in the “criminal conveyor- belt ” having paid to Abdullin’s fund 5,2 mln. rubles and right after that getting the right to install 44 trading objects in the city  territory. It is asserted by  Tatarstan Federal Antimonopoly Bureau. The head of “Slavitsa” explained to Tkachev  that he had  an agreement with  the Executive board and thus he would be working there. It turns out that the biggest part of the land belonging to Tkachev  has been occupied by  Abdullin’s direct order, besides the fence  has been damaged, the trees have been cut down and the land has been rented  by the third party. Neither oral nor written negotiations about selling or passing this piece of land under any conditions were being held   by the Executive committee with Tkachev A. (Apl.6: the photo and the scheme of the raided land)
       The Constitution of the Russian Federation is violated, section 8.2, the concept of the property, privacy and immunity, formulated in the Regulation of the Russian Federation Constitutional Court, issued by  Adril,1st  2003 about the constitutional  position checking  item 2 section 7 of the Federal law  “ About the  Auditing practice “.This is not all. Only proved facts are being described.

  This is something which must be studied. I consider it to be correct to voice the information to be investigated since the bodies of the state administration whose direct competence is to study such facts in loco, show incapability relating to the acts done by this group and its members .Rumor is something which  can’t be commented, asserted  or denied, but something which requires a deep and unprejudiced checking.
 Capital refurbishment orders are distributed without timely competition (post factum- which is proved by Tatarstan Federal Antimonopoly Bureau), moreover only with the 25% payoff. It is proved though not directly by the fact that the prime contractor demands from the contractors the cost of the work to be decreased by  25-30%  from the estimated cost.
For the budget they mean the assets to be withdrawn, for the usual city dwellers – the poorest quality. And here are two simple examples.

1. An active member of the society Izotov Sergey addressed to me. He declared that he got the job as a handyman to execute capital refurbishment works in of the appeasable firms. Aquarium-roof and other results of his work are in the video:
2.  This photo depicts the fence of the city school 15, which as you can easily notice is almost absent.  More than 25 % of it was absent by the moment this photo was taken. It happens sometimes because the school is more than 40 years old. But there is a disorder here –the capital refurbishment of the school building was performed in 2015 with the federal and regional money involved. The building was accepted by the state bodies. Apl.8

The absent past of the school fence is leading right to heating main which is actually open, as it can be seen in the photo.  The life of 1250 pupils is under threat. Section 20 of the Russian Federation Constitution is violated. Everybody has the right to live. There was no personal responsibility which followed.

Considering the fact which still needs to be proved  25% of the pay off was paid from the  first tranche. It is 275 mln. rubles, as the amount of money given to the capital refurbishment  in 2016 was more than 11 bln. rubles. Watching over this money being cashed is possible. It still needs checking.
This isn’t all at all. I attach my own analytics of Naberezhnye Chelny Executive board  violations, which are violating the rights of the businessman and the citizens of the city. Apl. 9.

Magdeev’s team are trying to present themselves in Mass Media as the people  running  unpopular reforms, legalists  who are logically resisted by the outer  surrounding. This is how it actually is:
1. Distributing the pieces of land is always performed with two sides present: the businessman and the Executive board. All of us know that the businessman lose their land for violations, however I am aware that none of the Executive board members have been brought to trial  by Magdeev’s team for issuing the land illegally. It is obvious that the businessman hasn’t taken the land from the shelf. Even the attempts of such initiations haven’t been singled out.
2. A businessman Fedosov S. addressed to me and declared that he had a decree from Volga Arbitral court  dated by 14.04.2015 (case A-65-13449/2014), where the fact of the breach of the law is explicitly stated. The piece of the land located in the city center was illegally issued (the land belongs to Bibishev D. and is scandalously known as the  exposition center by the house 17/03). According to this decision the head of the Executive board Latypov F. (predecessor of Abdullin) was fined to 15000 rubles for the illegal issuing of the land, the list of the law violations are also stated. Then Fedosov S. (his legal representative Fedosova T.) applied to Abdullin with a letter, in order to return the part of the land costing 50 000 000 rubles to the city. He was rejected in a written form (Apl.10), in which the facts of the above mentioned decree are ignored.  But how come? They are the law-makers and the money is literally huge. How about the country and the city interests? It can be placed to the auction and thus the budget can be filled.

3. The head of the company “Bimet” which is the supplier of the military-industrial complex, a manufacturer and the head of the company which is the pride of the Naberezhnye Chelny city Lvov V.P. addressed to me. He announced that in accordance with the given regulations he applied to the city administration to renew the land renting agreement since the present agreement was to be expired soon. He eagerly presented the papers proving 5 registered objects of capital building located in the given territory and belonging to him. Surprisingly he was rejected in renewing an agreement since this piece of land was located in the sanitary ground for animals burying (Apl.11). But the whole industrial park  “Razvitie” http://tppzkam.ru/ru/razvitie/ is located in the same sanitary zone. It isn’t an obstacle for it to get state funding and development. Maybe the matter is that the city outskirts district with the highest cost for the accommodation is neighboring with “Bimet”?
Double standards? No, the standard is only one- it is the extreme lawlessness.
   Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, I have addressed you not for solving each of above mentioned questions separately. I am trying to understand the origin of this juridical anomaly. The basic principles of the Constitution of Russian Federation are not functioning, such as the security of private property, the right to life and the equality before the law. Indeed the intransigence of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan considering all forms of corruptive behavior can not help to find the solution of current situation. In the end of March 2016 it revealed that the investigation of all cases was blocked with the courtesy of so called “criminal conveyor” p.5 and in p.1 and p.4.
  I have used an ancient technique of arranging a “panic attack” to understand what is happening. I have delivered an ultimatum to N.G.Magdeev, the mayor of the city. Then I received the information that the mayor along with Abdullin addressed M.S.Shaimiev.
And here is my point of view on what is actually happening and what sustains the local juridical anomaly.
  In February 2010 Rustam Nurgalievich Minnekhanov was proposed for the President of the Republic of  Tatarstan post which was a result of a trilateral agreement between the federal center and the first President of  Tatarstan. The agreement assumed the encumber of  R.N.Minnekhanov. He was to choose the mayors and other VIP officials in the Republic who were to control the streams of federal funding but those should have been in the list previously submitted by M.S.Shaimiev.
After the agreement was achieved in March 2010 the changes began:
Early termination of the authority of the State Council deputy I.S.Fardiev . Fardiev is a nephew of M.S.Shaimiev.
  Simultaneously N.G.Magdeev leaves the post of mayor of the town Bugulma. N.G.Magdeev is favourite of M.S.Shaimiev. Let me recall that back in 1998 it was M.S.Shaimiev. who proposed N.G.Magdeev to the post of Naberezhnye Chelny mayor (though he refused that). Also it was M.S.Shaimiev who being the President of Tatarstan had forgiven him the extrusion of federal company “Transneft” from Bugulma. As a result the town lost more than 100 million rubles of the budget and hundreds of families were left without a job.
And that is how above mentioned figures have come to their starting positions. They choose people individually for each ministry. The list of M.S.Shaimiev was ready.
2014. The Government of Russian Federation takes decision on the territories of priority development with federal financial support. Naberezhnye Chelny is defined as a most likely city in the list there this type of territory will be organized. Both figures are in the State Council. That is clear that the city mayor will be appointed exactly from the number of future State Government deputies. Magdeev becomes the mayor. However he is not going to change. His background of previous jobs is 30 criminal proceedings against his employees (open-source data Attachment 12). By the way, this debt emphasizes that he is not an appropriate member of Minnekhanov team. The current President of Tatarstan indeed has the intransigence on corruption. There are no such people in his team. If someone
disgraces himself he is removed immediately. In this case that did not happendespite the fact that the president inspection revealed and confirmed all the offence imputed be me against Magdeev team. What is more, the commission refused to publish the inspection data citing as reasons that the inspection had never happened. What comes next is simple. Magdeev is excluded off the list and according to the agreement of 2010 he is replaced by the next in the list I.S. Fardiev. I suppose that inaction was caused by intolerance to this change. That is only a version.
Anyway, the actions of the first official of the republic are connected by possible threads of encumber. This creates subterfuge for Magdeev team and permissiveness and it will lead and it has already lead the situation to a low state governance. Massive violation of the Constitution means absence of the supremacy of law and the loss of State sovereignty of Russia in this area. What is next? It is the same as frostbite. At first you don’t feel your toes, than your legs, and those legs are not yours anymore. This is an issue of the national security, this is not a personal matter.

May I take this opportunity, dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, I would also like to address to Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev. The thing is that both of my previous letters to him were left without any reaction. I am convinced that he will definitely know my text from you.

Dear Dmitry Anatolievich!
If you read the letter from the beginning, you might know the implications of the party apparatus inactivity, in particular Farid Khairullovich Mukhametshin, Alexei Nikolaevich (Moscow counselor of regional department of the all-Russian political party «United Russia» in Tatarstan) and some, not all of members of local and regional Policy Council. Rimma Atlasovna Ratnikova said the best about the relevance to the problem in the local and regional department of our party.
“Are you an idealist, Sergey? Do you really think that the party rules should be strictly followed?” Even if we take into account that she did not mean that this sounds intense for the speaker who has a major post.
    Meanwhile, on top of everything else Magdeev and Abdullin have committed a matter which is inappropriate for the party and discredits it. On June,19 2015 a criminal case was brought under Article 159 part 4 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation in Kazan against E.F.Timergaliev. The applicant Elena Vladimirovna Nikonova states that he as a director of the company “The First Construction Department” tried to extort 1,5 million rubles and later took them by deception. The case was about land transactions. That time E.F.Timergaliev had already worked for Executive Committee in Naberezhnye Chelny. He was the deputy head of department of land and property relations of the city. And the fact that he was under criminal prosecution did not prevent him from taking the post of the director of the department and later to become the deputy director of Executive Committee and supervise the territory of priority development. Which is actually the same as when a person under criminal prosecution for pedophilia was allowed to continue working as a nursery teacher in the kindergarten and get a promotion and become a manager. The staff policy is quite clear, the group chooses similar
people. Timergaliev is not enlisted in any parties and he could not be expelled before the end of investigation. All responsibility lies on Magdeev and Abdullin.
     There is more to come. Magdeev brought Timergaliev to the city and Timergaliev brought M.S.Davletshin to his team. The last one is the director-general of “Geopolis” and he was under criminal prosecution too (case number 534168 under the article 291.1.3 - Bribe-taking in large-scale, in group).
          And that is not the end either. Moreover,
On August, 12 2016 two criminal proceedings were instituted against Farid Kiyamov, the director of “The Company of Roads”(article 201 p.1 – abuse of power and article 285 p.1 – abuse of office). He is suspected in making fictitious contracts with external agencies. According to preliminary data of the investigation the total sum of illegal money was about 24 million rubles. All figures had their roles on their posts. All heroes are still taking their chairs.
       That is how this organised group works.
Dear Dmitry Anatolyevich, it is absurd and we should take our party away from this.
In that context, dear Dmitry Anatolyevich, you are kindly requested that N.G.Magdeev and R.A.Abdullin should be expelled from the party for actions bringing discredit to the ruling party which is said in parts 1-6 and in the previous paragraph. And, of course, for the rude answer to the citizen. This shows our city government’s face. This really happens these days. The reason for expel is p.4.3.2 of the party constitution.
“United Russia” is my party too, dear Dmitry Anatolyevich , this is a party with a perfect constitution and a great amount of followers and honest members who we can be proud of. There are a lot of such people in our city and in our department and in the Executive Committee and in the Political Council. But how can we justify the Russian people’s trust which was given to us in the latest election and Vladimir Vladimirovich mentioned with Magdeev and Abdullin? There is no way to do that. It is obvious. I am sure people won’t trust us if we are in discredit. “My weapon is truth and there is no army that can stand it” said the man who could see the future better than others. These words of Akhmat Kadyrov reveal the best way for our party in struggle for self-identity and protest against the members who do not respect it in real life, who do not respect the rules and the principles. They should be expelled from the party before they expel the party itself. I am asking you to take the decision.

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, if all of these was not about city administration and you could put that aside, it looks exactly like this: an organised group defends their interests, takes the land from disagreeing citizens for their own needs, then makes the pay for rent illegally low or free at all. The group assigns the
government contracts non-competitively for three years. All investigation against them is blocked. But this is a letter about city administration – the first estate of the government in our area. What is happening here is getting closer to criminal society both in the form (recall the epithet in the beginning of the letter) and in the content.

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, I urge you to protect the Russian Constitution, the state sovereignty of Russia in Tatarstan, remove restrictions for Rustam Nurgalievich Minnekhanov if they exist. If they don’t, please assist him on the government level. In case of granting of power of attorney I am ready to participate in situation analysis and normalizing of Naberezhnye Chelny functioning.

Best regards,
                                                                                                            Sergey Yakovlev

Deputy of Naberezhnye Chelny City, party member, member of the political council of local department of the party “Russia United” in Naberezhnye Chelny


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